Amazon Echo (1st Generation)

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Description:   With integrated wireless connectivity voice recognition and home automation support the white Amazon Echo isn t your typical wireless speaker. Equipped with dual-band Wi-Fi and a 7-microphone array the Echo connects to your home s wireless network and allows you to intuitively play music check the weather and traffic anywhere in the US hear sports scores and more. Using far-field voice recognition technology the built-in microphones allow the Echo to recognize your voice from any direction in the room even while music is playing.

Thanks to its 360 omni-directional design the speaker emits sound in all directions. Bluetooth is also on-board enabling the Echo to wirelessly pair and play audio from a variety of audio sources such as smartphones and tablets. Thanks to the Echo s top-mounted volume ring you can easily control music playback levels. The volume ring also glows allowing you to easily see the Echo s status. For even greater control you ll also find Action and Microphone Off buttons located on top of the speaker. The Action button can turn off a timer or alarm wake the device or enable Wi-Fi setup mode.

  • The Amazon Echo stands 9.25 tall and incorporates a 2.5 woofer and 2 tweeter for producing full-range sound.
  • Additionally the Echo s cabinet is equipped with a reflex port that is designed to offer enhanced bass sound.
  • Far-Field Voice Recognition Technology Under the Echo s light ring is a 7-microphone array. These sensors use beam-forming technology that is designed hear your voice from any direction. With enhanced noise cancellation the Echo can hear you ask a question even while it s playing music.
  • Additionally the Echo uses on-device keyword spotting to detect the wake word. When Echo detects the wake word it lights up and streams your voice to the cloud to process your requests. Free Alexa Companion App With the free companion app on Fire OS Android iOS and web browsers you can easily manage your alarms music shopping lists and more from your Internet.